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Hello World

My first post!, 2019-07-05

Hey guys!
This is my first post! I will be posting many more!
Mostly discussing new technologies, devices and programming languages!
For starters, I think Flutter is the next big thing for mobile application development and React-Native will soon hand in the crown! Please keep coming back I will miss you :)


What is flutter? , 2019-07-06

This post is meant to give you a general, an extremely vague understanding of what Flutter is and why you should bother to care. It is absolutely not technical (or even technically correct) and it’s not meant to be. It’s meant to give you the general idea because you’re sitting there saying: “Why the heck is everyone is so worked up about this Flutter thing?” To that end, I’m just going to start throwing points out there and building on each in a way that hopefully makes some sense.

1) Is Flutter really cross-platform? Yes? No?

Answer: Both. This is the part where you look at me and say: “Scott, your help isn’t helping.” So let’s break it down just a little. Can you write once and deploy to both Android and iOS? Yes. In fact, it’s more than that. There are desktop embeds already being polished for Mac, Linux and I believe people are

already working hard on a Windows desktop embed. Additionally, Flutter is designed not only to work on the upcoming Fuchsia OS, but it also drives the entire Fuchsia UI. So do you write once and deploy to Android and iOS? No… You write once and deploy to six different platforms, including Android and iOS. You deploy to Mac / Linux / Windows desktops plus Android, iOS and Fuchsia mobile devices. So in that sense, it is cross-platform. Now we look at why it’s not cross-platform:

Because it doesn’t use the underlying Android or iOS platforms (for much). Flutter is it’s own thing, but it’s missing the code to directly handle things like the camera, Bluetooth and other hardware. So, for those things, it talks directly to the platform and gets it to handle that stuff. But for business logic, UI and drawing to the screen, Flutter just tells the platform framework: “Hold my beer, I got this.”

Think of it this way: Flutter is (kind of, sort of, like) a full-screen 2D game. Like any other full-screen 2D game, it takes over completely. It has its own interface. No, those are actually not the stock UI component’s you’re touching; more on that later. Flutter is a full-screen app that writes it’s own graphics straight to the graphics hardware via the Skia engine (the one that powers Chrome and has been real-world tested and used for years). Because of this, it’s performance is great.
Flutter gets 60fps consistently, even on older hardware. One presentation in Cologne said they were getting 120 fps in some tests.