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Who I am?

I am Sahand Shahriari, born in Tehran, Iran in 1994 based in London, UK. I moved out of my country in 2010 and went to finish my highschool in Geneva, Switzerland. I started to study computer engineering at Politechnico Di Torino and after a year I transfered to the University of Buckingham. I have recently finished my degree in computing and software entrepreneurship at the University of Buckingham with a first-class honour.

I chose to do the final year research topic on Guitar Note Recognition. This work is comprised of building a model and then a unique algorithm using Machine/Deep Learning and Digital Signal Processing, which could automatically identify and transcript each note plays near it. The code for this program written in Python (TensorFlow), C++, C# and MATLAB. I achieved very high grades during dissertation element of the course.

During my study at University of Buckingham, I collaborated on multiple projects with Brunel University, including several software development and coding and programming different devices. These projects allowed me to practice my skills on Object oriented programming and automatic control. My part time work as a web Developer/Designer, put my HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS), PHP, Asp.net MVC, MS SQL Server and MySQL skills to the test.

My Start Up Companies, Band-Up and Foodflix, reinforced my interest in cloud computing and the use of cloud processing for artificial intelligence. Band-Up won second prize in start-up weekend with only 1 point away from qualifying for the first prize, and since then I was invited to pitch the idea in several places such as Lean start-up co. and play a mentor for young people in AI at Acron Aspirations. These start-ups are being developed by myself using React-Native, Redux and Firebase.

Before I moved to UK, I was studying computer engineering at Politechnico Di Torino in Italy, during my time there, I had to cover various subjects, from Cloud computing, Algorithms and Programming and Database which were related to my topics to chemistry and process analysis. As computer students, we practice ethical hacking and penetration testing to find vulnerabilities in company’s network systems and suggest solutions to prevent the attacks and risks and protect their companies.

Skill Set